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How to Pay off Debt Fast To Qualify for a Home Loan (Tara Mortgage Services Featured Blog)

Struggling to pay down or pay off debt? You're not alone. Most Americans are shouldering about $30k in debt from credit cards, school loans, or car loans. And if you want to buy a home, too much

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Is It Worth It? Concierge Medicine: Pros and Cons (Featured Blog From Ivee)

At least one in five adults in the top 1% pay an extra fee for direct access to their primary physician. Imagine skipping the long, dreadful waiting room and instead of receiving round-the-clock

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5 Reasons to Maintain a Phone-Free Bedroom

In this day and age, our smartphones have become just another limb, permanently fixed to our bodies. So, the idea of keeping phones out of the bedroom seems like such a foreign concept. However,

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7 Simple Renovations To Coronavirus-Proof Your Home

As much as we all wish we could go back to a time when social distancing was a foreign concept and masks were just something you wore with a Halloween costume, it’s clear by now that COVID-19

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