How to Make Your Home “Smart” in a Few Simple Steps

Dated: July 1 2020

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Not too long ago, smart homes seemed like an idea restricted to movies and television. However, smart home technology has made a major impact on the market and has become much more commonplace than we ever may have thought.

Homeowners are increasingly willing to introduce this new technology into their homes, because smart home devices allow you to keep your house safe while you live a bit more comfortably.

For many smart devices, controls are at your fingertips through smartphone apps or virtual assistance programs—even if you are miles away.

There are a huge variety of smart home technology devices available, each with their own unique purpose. If you are thinking of bringing new technology into your space, here are some tips and ideas for making your home a bit smarter.

Start by Choosing Your Assistant and Hardware

Some smart device brands are only compatible with certain assistant programs, so you should start by picking out your assistant program and accompanying hardware first. This will influence what smart technology devices you buy, as you’ll need to make sure everything in your home is compatible with your system. Programs like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri each have a variety of hardware options you can choose from.

Put Safety First

A lot of homeowners choose to start with safety when they are transforming their house into a smart home. By installing smart safety technology, you’ll strengthen the protection of your family members and belongings.

For monitoring your property, you can turn to security cameras. There are an abundance of choices on the market, so you can find one that works with your assistant program and fits your needs. Nest offers both outdoor and indoor cameras, with capabilities that allow you to watch everything that is happening in and around your house from your phone. The same company also offers a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, which sends alerts to your smartphone when there is any sign of danger.

Sleep Well with a Smart Bed

Smart beds will take your wellness to the next level. These innovative pieces implement technology that can help you get a better night’s sleep and improve sleep quality over time. Many have sensors that can track REM sleep, movement, breathing and snoring patterns, and more, and make suggestions based on that data. Some smart beds even adjust settings as you move throughout the night.

Get the Temperature Just Right and Save Energy

A smart thermostat is great not only for keeping the temperature just right—it can also help you save energy. It can detect when to shut off the heat or A/C when you aren’t home, so you won’t have to worry about leaving it running. Smart thermostats allow you to use a smartphone or a virtual assistant, so you can adjust your settings from anywhere in the house (or when you’re out and about).

Make Cleaning a Bit Easier

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning but installing some smart tools into your home can make the process a bit less painful. The Bruno Smartcan has a suction device at the base, so you can simply sweep any crumbs or dust right to the pan, without needing a dust pan. It’ll also send reminders to your smartphone to take out the trash and buy more trash bags.

These are some of the top tips and ways to make a house a smart home, but there are tons of unique and helpful options available on the market. Think of ways you’d like to enhance your space and bring in smart technology to make those ideas a reality.

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