A Home Sellers’ Warranty Benefits Everyone (Featured Blog From HWA Home Warranty of America)

Dated: November 21 2020

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As homeowners, it's important to have a plan in place to minimize the expense and downtime resulting from common household breakdowns. As home sellers, it can be critical.

Home Warranty of America Plans

When a home is on the market, every aspect of that home is going to come under scrutiny from prospective buyers and their real estate agents. If they discover some sort of problem, it may affect the value of any offer they make. Getting things fixed quickly – and properly – is essential.

This is why, in this position, it may help you to take a close look at our home warranty plans. We provide options with regards to a selling warranty for your home. For example, with our free* basic listing coverage, homes for sale receive home warranty coverage for up to six months, with the option to extend if the home stays on the market. Our free listing coverage can also be supplemented with HVAC system coverage.

After the sale, it's simple to transfer coverage to the buyer at a competitive rate, ensuring that the new owners will enjoy peace of mind.

Your Home Sellers’ Warranty Partner for Real Estate Agents

HWA is more than your home sellers’ warranty provider – we can be an essential partner in growing your real estate business.

We offer advantages other home warranty companies can't match, like our 13-month home warranty terms. While some home warranties have 30-day waiting periods and run out after a year, HWA's coverage activates immediately and lasts for a full 13 months. Overall, a home selling warranty is one that benefits the home sellers, the home buyers and the real estate agents involved in the sale. It protects everyone’s interests and eases everyone’s mind. Explore our coverage or give us a call today at 888-492-7359 or contact us online to learn more about what our warranties cover and how we can work together to delight your clients. To see how we work with homeowners, check out our Home Warranty reviews.

*Free listing coverage not available in CA or FL.

(This article originally appeared at hwahomewarranty.com.)

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