7 Ways to Save on Your Summer Energy Bills (HWA Home Warranty Featured Blog)

Dated: August 17 2020

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If you're looking for a little extra room in your budget this summer, our summer energy saving guide can help with simple, low- or no-cost energy conservation strategies. Here are 7 ways to save on your summer energy bills!

Use the microwave more often when cooking.

A microwave generates minimal heat, so you won't pay more in air conditioning costs. Microwaves also consume less energy than other cooking appliances like stoves and ovens.

Replace your air conditioner filters.

Dirty air filters restrict air flow, forcing your air conditioner to work harder and use more energy. This also increases wear on the fan, requiring more frequent maintenance. Replace filters once a month, or as often as recommended by the manufacturer.

Upgrade your light bulbs to LEDs.

LEDs use substantially less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and they put out almost no heat. The upfront cost is higher than incandescent bulbs, but you'll recoup the cost in savings on your energy bills.

Beware electronics such as TVs and video game consoles that have "always-on" settings.

Designed to make these devices faster to activate, these settings are often turned on by default – meaning they draw power and drive up your energy bills even when you aren't using them. Turn the setting off.

Invest in a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats can be linked to mobile devices like your smartphone, making it easy to adjust your thermostat for energy savings when your home is empty. You can also readjust the temperature before returning home so that your rooms are comfortable when you arrive.

Seal air leaks.

You may only notice drafty areas in the wintertime, but those same gaps are leaking out your air conditioned air all summer. Seal any leaks around windows and doors using weather stripping, caulk or spray foam insulation.

Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances.

If you're in the market for replacing appliances like your refrigerator, washer or dryer, choosing an energy-efficient model can help make a difference in your monthly expenses.

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  • Posted by Sia Fernandez
    Investing in a smart thermostat is definitely a smart option. But even smarter than this is to invest in a smart appliance monitoring device. I installed OHM Assistant - a smart home energy monitoring system that keeps a check on all my appliances and even notifies me when any device is consuming electricity but is unused. Similar to the smart thermostat, this device can also be monitored through the phone or computer/laptop.

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